First ride: 2018 Ford Fiesta ST

Matt Saunders Autocar
12 March 2018
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The Ford Fiesta ST was nearly untouchable as an affordable driver’s car, and the new one is now just months away.

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The 2018 version is a different beast from its predecessor, though, with the older four-cylinder engine replaced with a three-pot. Since that news came out, there have been questions about whether that lost cylinder would harm the Fiesta ST’s status as the world’s best compact hot hatch. But we’ve not had any hard evidence to go by – until now.

Leo Roeks, the European Director of Ford’s performance car division, is standing underneath the new Fiesta ST, pointing at things. They are all new and interesting things; suspension things, chassis things, drivetrain things, steering things and other things, too. And he’s been pointing at them for about ten minutes now without waving his index finger anywhere near the three-cylinder engine that’s moved in under the car’s bonnet. 

That engine has, up until now, been pretty much the only significant mechanical item that we were expecting to be really ‘new’ about this car.