Volkswagen ID Buzz Cargo van is latest MEB family member

Jimi Beckwith
19 September 2018
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Volkswagen has extended its ID family into the world of commercial vehicles with the ID Buzz Cargo, a van concept based on the ID Buzz microbus concept. 

The ID Buzz Cargo has the longest range of any of the ID family, at 341 miles, with a larger battery pack providing the extra. A roof-mounted solar panel can also provide an extra nine miles of range.

Volkswagen’s ID Pilot fully autonomous driving system features on the concept, allowing the driver to take their eyes and mind off the road completely. The driver pushes the steering wheel for several seconds to initiate the system, after which their seat can pivot to allow better access to the other interior features.

Although not confirmed for production, the ID Buzz Cargo is being considered to hit the roads in 2021 - a year before the regular ID Buzz.

It wouldn"t be the only electric van in the Volkswagen line-up, though, as the brand recently launched the e-Crafter. That van has the same 35kWh lithium ion battery as the e-Golf, with a 107-mile range. The ID Buzz Cargo is smaller, though, at around the same size as today’s Transporter.

Volkswagen says the ID Buzz Cargo can take a maximum load of 800kg, with extra interior space over the ID Buzz due to its rear overhang being extended by 106mm. The concept"s overall measurements are 5048mm long, 1976mm wide and 1963mm tall, with a wheelbase of 3300mm. The two versions of the ID Buzz were developed together, but the ID Buzz Cargo has a redesigned rear bumper in addition to the extra length. 

The ID Buzz Cargo has a top speed limited to 99mph; its motors deliver a combined 198bhp to all four wheels. Other performance figures haven’t been released, but it takes as little as 15 minutes to charge the smaller 48kWh battery from a 150kW fast charger, while the 111kWh pack takes half an hour to reach the same state of charge.